Ithink my daughter is dating a girl - I think my daughter’s boyfriend is gay -

Fact: takes first 25 yrs for a human brain to grow and mature, so did you ask her if she has been having sex? all that tiem at church may mean she can tell the truth? give her benefit of doubt first , no?

Like we are all innocent first,um why do religious people show to be, to quick to judge? I mean as caring as we all can be, Mother sounds out of touch with teenagers in the real world, this can be a time where the Mother places her Faith in GOD and asks herself for Grace to chill , and share the same grace for her teenager.
Um, You say You think she is? no facts she is though.

You ask What can you do, Love her.

you are shocked? why all humans are sexual beings God made then that way crazy hormones the lot!, I mean while any normal parents would want to protect and guide, "thats all you can do", unless you sneak up on her, um..

But may be place more clear boundaries ? don know you know her better.

She does not want you holding her hand 24/7. And if she has gone to church 15 yrs wow that more than a lot have. So if she has learnt anything in church, you then must trust she will respect herself.

I think just giving her benefit of the doubt would be a good start, and then simply don't be shocked, heck she is a teenager who may of been restricted so much she feels she cannot breath who knows, yes she may make mistakes, but who has not, and say she even may be having sex, then you will know, otherwise build a more trusting relationship.

We have all done dumb thing when teenagers, and some still do as adults, if she is such a nice young girl give her benefit of the doubt, even the bad ones need Love that s shows you Care, and not going to go crazy at them.

Be there always she she needs you, but don't presume or think she has done this or that, you may then only break your trust with her.

Judging teenagers to think like a grown adult big n mistake.....

Realistically you can only Guide them, and when they see you don't act crazy and condemning at them for been " normal", they will win your trust more.


Ithink my daughter is dating a girl

Ithink my daughter is dating a girl